Connecting your learning to your life

myStudy is an elective self-study hour for all General English students. myStudy is supervised by an English teacher, but it is not face-to-face teaching time.

myStudy helps you to develop independent study skills so you can continue studying and learning after your course ends.

Why should you do myStudy?

You and your classmates are all studying English, but you are all different. You have different learning needs, priorities and interests.

myStudy is all about you. It’s a place where you can take control of your learning and focus on what you need (or want) to practise.

Some of the benefits of myStudy are:

  • In class, everybody does the same thing at the same time. In myStudy, you can focus on your individual priorities: weak areas, things you are interested in, or things you especially need.
  • When you take control of your learning, your English skills improve faster. myStudy gives you this opportunity.
  • myStudy is 100 percent flexible. You can do whatever you choose each day.

Your teacher will help you choose the best myStudy electives for you.

myStudy space

If you are a Navitas English student studying any of our courses, you can join myStudy space – our online Navitas English network for study support.

myStudy space is an online learning portal. You can connect with your classmates and with students from other Navitas English schools, and share your ideas, experiences and study tips.

You can use the resources on myStudy space to study and maximise your learning. And you can access them from anywhere for 12 months after your graduation so you can continue developing your English skills after your course.

In the computer lab

You can maximise your learning with online English study in the computer lab at your school. There are lots of fun things to do online to practise and improve your English skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Use myStudy space to connect with other students at your school, and practise the skills you are learning in class with multimedia materials .
  • Visit other English language learning websites: look for the ‘Navitas internet links’ icon on the desktop.
  • Find the meaning of new words you find on the internet in our online dictionary and listen to their pronunciation.
  • Use the English language learning software on all our computers: try ‘Issues in English’ and ‘Tense busters’ to practise your language skills and grammar.

Even everyday activities can develop your language skills. Try doing some of these activities (in English, of course!):

  • watch YouTube videos
  • listen to or stream audio
  • chat with your friends on Messenger
  • send emails
  • browse English-language websites you are interested in.

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