Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Application, Offers and Enrolment

Yes,  you can apply online

Yes. Navitas Admissions can help with your application.

Only in exceptional circumstances as we consider it essential that the academic integrity of these courses is not compromised. Unlike General English they are not open for weekly enrolments and we expect all the students to commit to the whole of the course and also to the exam they will take at the end. If a student starts late (subject to approval by the Centre Manager) it is essential that they do an off-shore pre-test prior to arrival so that we can check we are saving a place for them on the appropriate course.

Yes. However, you must contact the partner institution first to receive an offer in writing, and then the Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).

Yes. However, you must contact the partner institution first to receive an offer in writing, and then the Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).


We are always here to help with any homestay issues. Most minor issues in a homestay family can be solved by speaking to your homestay family directly however if you need further assistance then please speak to the accommodation staff at your centre. 

If you would like to extend your homestay then please speak to the student services manager or accommodation officer at your centre. 

You need to give 2 weeks’ notice if you would like to move out of your homestay early. Please speak to the student services manager or accommodation officers at your centre. We will refund any remaining homestay fees however an amendment fee will apply


Definitions: Guest (is the student), Homestay (is the accommodation/home/house), Host (is the person or people who live in the Homestay)

Navitas English has a partnership with Australian Homestay Network (AHN) and work together to provide our international students homestay arrangements with world-class administration and support services.

All homestays are arranged on a case-by-case basis and all guests are matched with a suitable Host, based on their profile and preferences, located within 60 minutes’ travel by public transport from their education provider.

Guests pay a placement fee and weekly homestay fees to Navitas English. The weekly fee amount depends on when and how long the homestay duration is and what type of homestay you would like. 

Homestay accommodation payment terms 

  • Accommodation will only be arranged when the Homestay Preference Form is received, and full payment is made to Navitas English. These must be received by Navitas English at least 4 weeks prior to the first date of stay.
  • The Guest will need to pay another placement fee if they would like to change Host unless there are extenuating circumstances which are acknowledged as justifiable by Navitas English and AHN.
  • You are required to give a minimum 2 weeks’ notice to Navitas English if you wish to leave your Homestay early. This notice period cannot commence during the first 2 weeks of your Homestay.
  • If you wish to take a break from your Homestay during your course, you will be required to pay 50% of your homestay fee per week and for a minimum of a 1-week break.

Pre-arrival Cancellations:

  • If the Guest cancels their placement and provides more than 14 days written notice to Navitas English prior to arrival, their weekly fees will be refunded in full. The placement fee is not refundable.
  •  If the Guest cancels their placement and provide less than 14 days written notice to Navitas English prior to arrival, they will forfeit payment for two weeks plus the placement fee. Any additional weekly fees paid will be refunded.
  • Navitas English will provide a full refund (upon receipt of the Australian High Commission / DHA Visa Refusal Notification) for a cancelled placement if a Guest’s visa is denied and they have provided a minimum of three business days’ notice. If the required notice has not been provided, Navitas English will retain the Placement Fee and two weeks’ payment of their weekly fees. Any remaining funds will be refunded.

Pre-arrival changes or delays:

  • If a Guest is unable to arrive by their intended start date due to a visa delay or course change, the Guest may defer their placement until visa approval is granted, or the course is rescheduled.
  • There will be no charge for this change if Navitas Englis is advised in writing of any changes at least three business days prior to arrival. All fees will be transferred to the new placement.
  • The Guest may be required to pay another Placement Fee for a new placement, and up to two weeks of homestay weekly fees, if Navitas English is not advised in writing of these changes at least three business days prior to arrival.
  • Navitas English requires a minimum of five days’ notice once a Guest’s visa has been approved to ensure a Host can be arranged for the new arrival date.
  • If a homestay placement has been confirmed and a Guest is unable to arrive by their intended start date, Navitas English cannot guarantee the same Host will be able to accommodate the Guest for their new dates. A new placement may be arranged once the Guest’s visa is approved, and new arrival details are confirmed.
  • All other changes or delays will be subject to the same notice periods and penalties as detailed in the Pre-arrival Cancellations section. The Guest will forfeit the Placement Fee and up to two weeks of homestay fees if adequate notice is not given.

Homestay Guest Conduct

Guests must read and abide by the AHN Homestay Policy which can be accessed here:

Guests who fail to comply with the Homestay Policy may have their Homestay terminated in accordance with clause 9.  Navitas English will send the Guest AHN’s house rules when also provided the homestay placement report which contains all the details about the Host.  Some hosts may have different rules and depending on whether the Guest is under of over the age of 18.

Mutual Obligations for both Hosts and Guests

  • Treat each other and every other person in the Home in a fair, respectful and polite manner.
  • Understand that your customs or beliefs may be different to those of your Host or Guest
  • Work together to make the Homestay a success
  • Understand and abide by the applicable local laws

Host Obligations

  • Make yourself and your Home available to your Guest
  • Help your Guest settle in to a comfortable and safe Home
  • Provide healthy food for your Guest
  • Help your Guest to access or organise important services
  • Show your Guest around the community
  • Include your Guest in normal activities and help them to learn

Guest Obligations

Comply with any reasonable ‘house rules’ the Host gives you. These may include:

(a) keeping your room tidy;

(b) assisting with minor chores;

(c) using resources such as water and electricity responsibly; 

(d) keeping noise to a minimum; 

(e) attending meal times promptly; and

(f) being polite and considerate at all times.

 Be sensible and safe

 If you are over the age of 18 you must ask your Host before bringing alcohol into the Home or smoking when you’re near the Home. Smoking is never allowed inside the Home

 If you are an International Student under the age of 18 you must: 

a) return to the Home by the curfew set by Navitas English and notified to you by AHN or your Host. Written notification from Navitas English must be provided to AHN if you have been granted special permission to be late or sleep overnight somewhere else. 

b) not smoke or consume any alcohol or illicit substance at any time or place during your Homestay. 


AHN requires all its Hosts maintain minimum satisfactory insurance coverage in respect of the Homestay. The Host’s insurance will cover a Guest in many circumstances for loss, damage, or injury incurred inside the home, but this cannot be relied on as the Guest’s sole insurance cover.

The Guest acknowledges that it is the sole responsibility of the Guest to obtain their own personal insurance for all other purposes, including compliance with minimum insurance requirements at law or as a condition of the Guest’s visa, and that the Host’s Homestay insurance does not cover the Guest outside of the Homestay.


Guests (or the agent of Guardian of a Guest) may terminate a Homestay immediately on notice to Navitas English or AHN at any time if the Host has committed a theft, damaged property, caused an injury, or engaged in violent or threatening behaviour (or any other behaviour that makes the Guest feel unsafe) in connection with the Homestay. In such circumstances, Navitas English and AHN will take all reasonable steps to relocate the Guest to another Homestay, if required.

Guests (or the agent or Guardian of a Guest) may (after the first 2 weeks of the Homestay) request to terminate the Homestay without having to give a reason by providing 2 weeks’ written notice to AHN and their Host.

Guests who are under 18 require approval from their Guardian before giving notice of termination. On receipt of such a termination request, Navitas English and AHN will update its systems to record that the Homestay will be terminated effective from the expiration of the notice period (being no earlier than 4 weeks from the commencement of the Homestay). Weekly Fees are payable up to the date of termination.

A Guest may otherwise notify Navitas English and AHN of any complaint regarding a Host or Homestay at any time, and AHN will use commercially reasonable endeavours to resolve, or assist the Guest to resolve, the complaint.

Navitas English and  AHN may terminate a Homestay (before or after commencement) immediately on notice to a Guest if: the Home ceases to meet the requirements identified by AHN; the Guest has not returned to the homestay by their scheduled return date and cannot be contacted in accordance with the AHN’s Room Holding Policy; or AHN otherwise determines in its sole discretion that it is appropriate to terminate the Homestay immediately in response to a request from a Host or related party.

Guests acknowledge that a Host may terminate a Homestay at any time after the first 4 weeks of the Homestay on 2 weeks’ written notice to AHN. 

Student Services

Please refer to the online Boomerang calendar or visit reception to book and pay for activities.

Speak to the Navitas English reception staff and they can advise you on the different gym options which are available in your city.

Unfortunately we cannot replace lost gym membership passes.

You can do lots of different activities as part of Boomerang including:

• Sporting Activities
• Cultural Activities
• Day Trips and Weekend Excursions
• Surf Camps
• Social Activities (coffee afternoons, dinners)
• Student parties
• Speed Friending
• Plus much much more…

Activities are always changing so look out for new and exciting activities. Don’t forget that we love hearing your thoughts and ideas so if there are any activities you would like to see on the program then let your activities coordinator or reception know.

Sometimes activities need to be cancelled (adverse weather). If this happens we will contact you to let you know. We will try to reorganize the activity for a different date and time. If this isn’t possible and you have paid for the activity then we will arrange a refund for you.

Navitas recommends that all students have appropriate insurance for their stay in Australia (e.g. travel insurances, health insurance).

Activity start times vary depending on the type of activity and your centre. Please see your monthly calendar for start times or speak to reception. 

OSHC has a number of exclusions under their policy. Please read your policy for more information.

OSHC is a health insurance therefore it doesn’t provide cover for things like:
• Lost/stolen belongings
• Cancellation of flights
• Home contents

Navitas English staff will attend most activities with you and will ensure that you have a great time and answer any questions which you have while on the activity. Some activities are organized through our partners and their staff will accompany you on the activity.

Working in Australia

The visa which you are on will need to have work rights for you to work while you are in Australia. Please check on your visa grant letter to see if you have work rights and if there are any additional conditions.

Please speak to reception in the first instance. We can give you the relevant contacts (e.g. Fair Work Ombudsman) who you can speak to.

Many jobs are popular with students including hospitality, retail, tourism, construction (labouring) and agriculture.

You can ask for help at any point at reception. We also run regular myStudy Business Communication & Culture sessions which will be advertised on the Boomerang calendar and around the school.

Yes, you will need to pay tax on your earnings. All workers need to obtain a tax file number from the ATO.

English Courses

Yes. The curriculum is nationally standardised and moderated.

Yes, each Navitas Academic English teacher has an average of 10,000+ hrs teaching experience. Many have been teaching English for over 20 years!
All Academic English teachers have university degrees and specialist English Language Teaching qualifications in accordance with Australian government regulations.

Yes. Students who pass the Academic English courses will receive a Navitas Certificate and Record of Achievement. These documents show the results the student achieved in the Academic English course(s) and are used to gain entry to the partner University/TAFE/College.

No, students have the option to take the official Cambridge exam at the end of the course but Navitas English dos encourage students to take the exam. Academically it makes the course more serious, robust and challenging. It keeps the students motivated and helps build teamwork as everyone is focused on the same goal– passing the Cambridge ESOL examination. Overall it makes for a better learning experience and students get more out of it.

No. Your overall performance is calculated by averaging the scores you achieve in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of English. The weighting of each of the four skills and Use of English is equal.

Yes – no exceptions. The Navitas Academic English Courses are registered as 10-week courses with the Australian Government Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), so all of the courses must be completed.

Yes. Students are only permitted to resubmit 1 failed assessment item – every other assessment item must be passed at the first attempt.

In Sydney and Perth the average number of students is 15.

The maximum in every campus is 18.

General English and IELTS Preparation courses start every Monday (excluding Public Holidays) and Academic English courses start every 5 weeks, please refer to our course dates for more detail.

You will definitely receive a graduation certificate showing that you have completed a Cambridge preparation course at Navitas. You will also receive a certificate from Cambridge for the level below the exam you took if your result lies within that band on the Cambridge English scale.

Students must attend a minimum of 80% of the class hours in accordance with Australian regulations.

Academic English 1 is at Intermediate (B1+) level. It introduces students to the language, skills and assessment required for AE2, AE3 and AE4 and prepares students for study in extended foundation courses at Australian colleges.

Academic English 2 is at Upper-Intermediate (B2) level. It prepares students for study in certificate, foundation and diploma courses at Australian TAFE and colleges.

Academic English 3 is at Advanced (B2+) level. It prepares students for study in bachelor’s and associate degree and advanced diploma courses at Australian universities.

Academic English 4 is at Advanced (C1) level. It prepares students for study in bachelor’s and master’s degree courses at Australian universities.

Each Academic English level uses course-specific material written by Navitas curriculum experts.

Entry Requirements

Yes. You can do an onshore pre-test with the Academic English Coordinator on your campus any time to check if you are ready.

Yes. This way we can get a more accurate idea if you are suitable for the course and can counsel you accordingly. It also helps to avoid a situation where a student arrives and fails the placement test on the first day and is denied access to the course they have booked as the lower (or higher) course is fully booked.

Yes, it is important to do a pre-test so that Navitas knows which Academic English level (1, 2, 3 or 4) is right for your level of English.

You can do an online (Versant) test or an offshore paper test.

No. Navitas English has Direct Entry Agreements with over 60 leading Australian universities, TAFEs and colleges. So, students who pass the Navitas Academic English courses can enter Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Masters programs without an IELTS Test result.

Please contact your agent if you have appointed an agent. Alternatively, you can contact your local Navitas Office

You can do a free online quiz created by Navitas English teachers, or you can arrange to sit a test with your local Education Agent.

The percentage which must be achieved varies depending on the partner University, TAFE, College. Please refer to the Direct Entry List for the exact requirements of each institution.

Please provide your official test results (such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, PTE) if you have any. If you don’t have any official test results, we recommend you do an online test or an offshore paper test.