Student stories

Student stories

Norman Ross

Country: Mauritius

I chose to study at Navitas English based on all the good feedback I heard not only about the courses, but also about the environment and attention to international students. It is very enjoyable to learn English with different people from around the world, taught by very competent teachers. There are also a lot of services and activities for students as the centre is in a great location.

IELTS Preparation has a good focus on working your way towards your desired IELTS score. It will allow me to improve my IELTS score for entry into TAFE but at the same time, communicate and share my experience with others on a professional level.

Tran Thi Kim Han

Country: Vietnam

When I first came to Australia, I didn't know any English. After studying at Navitas English, I am now really confident to communicate with anyone who speaks English. I have mastered many skills that I never thought I could do, such as Academic essay writing and presenting Academic seminars. I'm really satisfied with the quality of teaching and the facilities here.

In my opinion, Navitas English is the best choice for me. The teachers are friendly and they always make the classes interesting. They listen and try to help all students, not just the students in their class. The school has great modern teaching technology and I feel that your really get value for the price you pay.

Tomasz Franczak

Country: Poland

I chose to study at Navitas English Perth to practice my IELTS prior to taking the exam. What is great about the courses are the variety of class content, good teachers and wide range of facilities.

I needed IELTS for both University and migration purposes, however it has also helped me improve my communication skills and find a good job.

Poety Hening Khalida

Country: Indonesia

I'm proving my speaking skills was my biggest goal, and I am now able to speak much more fluently.

There is a huge variety of speaking activities in the General English course. We have a very creative teacher who regularly gives us a variety of activities and games to help improve our skills.

I hope to become a flight attendant and therefore it is important for me to improve my English and this course has been essential for my future.

Yu Fei Teng

Country: Taiwan

I like living in Sydney as there is great food, people and scenery. The classes at Navitas English makes you feel like you’re in a big family, I get along with my classmates and teachers very well.

The English courses have helped me improve my everyday conversation skills and boost my confidence. It will help me with my future career, allowing me to connect with people from different countries, so English is a very important skill to me.

Shuhei Matsuzawa

Country: Japan

The General English course at Navitas English is awesome beyond description! After only 8 months, my English has improved greatly and I'm well on my way to joining Academic English. Not only will it help for future university study, but has also helped me for everyday life.

The experience at Navitas English has changed my life! The people have been so friendly and have helped me a lot.

Ahmad Saya Alqabandi

Country: Saudi Arabia

General English was a really fun and exciting course. There were lots of activities to do and its a great place to learn English.

The teachers are very helpful and always in a great mood. I think Australia in general, is one of the best places to improve your English as it is a very multi-cultural country.

Jemilly Salazar

Country: Venezuela

Studying at Navitas English has allowed me to improve my English skills in innumerable ways. classes are dynamic and participative and all the students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. It's easy learning a language when you're having fun at the same time!

Studying and living in Australia has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I've been able to meet amazing people from all around the world and have felt welcome since my first day here.

Ni Kadek

Country: Indonesia

My General English course makes it easy to communicate with others and has helped me to get to university.

Eyglis Jimenez

Country: Nicaragua

Navitas English has such a great atmosphere and great staff to help me gain more confidence in my English skills. Because of this, it will help me to get a good job for my future.

Navitas English is a place where you can not only learn, but also meet people from other countries. The teachers are like family where you can be confident to communicate to them.

Daria Kuznetsova

Country: Russia

Studying at Navitas English has allowed me to not only improve my communication skills, but meet new people from different cultures. I am confident my improved English skills will help me find a good job for my future career.

Narumi Kojima

Country: Japan

I chose General English because I love to talk with my friends from all over the world. The course has helped me to improve my English skills, as I was was not confident with the language when I first started. The teachers are very helpful and worked with me to strengthen my weaknesses.

Navitas English has provided great support for my studies and my everyday life. They have taught me to perfect my CV for work, cheered me up when I'm down, provided students with fun activities outside of class and given me an overall amazing experience in Australia.

Claire Voorwinde

Country: Netherlands

The teachers are very cool and nice to everyone. Our Cambridge teacher teaches a great class and gives out fun assignments making it easier to learn. It is also nice to interact with students from around the world, I'm glad to have met them here.

The Boomerang social activities program is also very good as there are a lot of activities to do such as surfing, Hunter Valley tours and Rugby game on Friday nights.

I would recommend Navitas because it is a good school and has good lessons. You learn English fast, and its in a great location. I will definitely come back in the future!

Elisa Bignasca

Country: Switzerland

I would definitely recommend Navitas English as the classes are intense but a lot of fun. Even though the school is large with many students, I feel part of a close-knit community.

There is a great 'English only' policy to help you practice English as much as possible and the classes are small, giving everyone a chance to participate in the lesson. I've been learning many useful phrases to use in everyday life, and now more confident when speaking to friends. I hope to use English to work in another country or volunteer work.

Sara Villagrasa Villar

Country: Spain

Studying at Navitas English is great because you learn English faster and meet new friends, supported by excellent teachers and staff. I am confident that the course has improved my communication skills to live in an English speaking country. Coming to Australia alone can sometimes be difficult and scary, but I feel calm with Navitas English.

Juan Cesar Graminho Borges

Country: Brazil

The people are friendly and the weather is similar so it was really easy to adapt. Everybody speaks English in class because of the English only policy, which is good for practicing our English and meeting people from other countries.

When I got here I thought my English was pretty good but after studying Cambridge I really noticed a difference. I think everybody here is really great. I have had really great teachers. I came here to study for one year and a half, but now I’m thinking of staying another year.

Juseok Oh

Country: South Korea

Navitas English has amazing teachers, fantastic facilities and a nice location. I'm glad to be studying English as I'm now able to communicate with my friends in English easier, as well as secure a good job.

Marisa Hunkeler

Country: Switzerland

I love living in Australia, it's an easy going life with great people and environment.

Studying Cambridge at Navitas English has helped me to expand my vocabulary, and I know it will increase my chances of finding a good job. It is also nice making new friends from different parts of the world.

Julie Bergoli

Country: Brazil

The courses have helped me improve my English, in which I have been able to apply these improved skills for work as well as make more new friends in Australia.

I plan to travel around the world in future, and will therefore be able to also apply my skills when I am in English speaking countries.

The Boomerang program has also been beneficial for me. It's a great idea if you're looking to make new friends and improve your English at the same time.

Laysa Beatriz

Country: Brazil

English is such a wonderful language to learn. I have made some great progress with the help of my teachers at Navitas English. I can communicate better with people, as well as help others with their English.

If you're looking to do more activities in Sydney at discounted prices, I would recommend joining the Boomerang program.

Jeong Min Chae

Country: South Korea

MyStudy has been extremely useful when I was at a lower level. My teacher David has been such a great teacher! Because of him, my skills have improved very well

Sasipach Krityothin

Country: Thailand

I like everything in Sydney, it has such a relaxed lifestyle and is a delightful city to study in. What I like most about studying English, is the interaction with others.

It really helps to practice your pronunciation and my teacher David, has helped me greatly. He's the best English teacher I have ever met!

Natalia Rico

Country: Colombia

Studying English here has helped me communicate with other people, and I feel much more confident that I will get new opportunities and meet new people.

In the future I hope to work with international businesses as well as travel around the world, and learning English has been a necessity in achieving my goals.

Mardely Mendonca

Country: Brazil

I really like the security and quality of life in Sydney. It's a beautiful city to live in, with friendly people.

Studying English here has been perfect because it's very multi-cultural and allows me to practise my English with just about anyone. My English is getting better and studying in an English speaking country really helps.

Koichi Shimotani

Country: Japan

I have never had an English lesson taught by a native English speaker before, and it has been enjoyable studying the correct pronunciation and communication.

The teaching and support staff have been really great. Teachers and the Student services teams are professional and very helpful during my time here.

Aniceto Maia Da Costa

Country: Timor-Leste

I love living in Sydney, the transport is very convenient and a great place to learn English by speaking it everyday.

Grammar and speaking is what I enjoy the most about learning English. The Boomerang program is also useful for improving my English, and I think it is  one of the things that attracts students to Navitas English.

Misato Osawa

Country: Japan

The teaching and support staff were very helpful and friendly. I'm very satisfied with the student service, quality of the lesson and teachers.

Karishma Shekhawat

Country: India

The best thing about studying with Navitas is the staff are very friendly. They are very cooperative. If you don’t understand anything they make you learn twice, thrice every time whenever you want! And here people are very friendly. I’m making friends instantly!

Every day we learn new vocab and they are correcting me and my grammar, helping in me writing. 

My future plan after my completing my Navitas is looking for a job. And using my vocabs and interacting with new people.

Olivier Vetsch

Country: Switzerland

Studying at Navitas English is a nice opportunity to refresh your English skills and make some new friends from around the world.

It has been a pleasure to communicate with different people from around the world and improving my chances of a future career.

Enzo Thomas

Country: France

Navitas English is a great place with friendly people, it is nice to learn about different cultures from around the world, as well as participate in the many activities provided for students.

The courses have since helped me to improve my English and boost my confidence when talking to other English-speakers while I am travelling.

Patricia Masshardt

Country: Switzerland

The teaching quality at Navitas English is excellent and I like that you can also work independently but have assistance when you need it with MyStudy.

The course has since helped me with everyday life, in which I correct my English language skills more confidently. It will also be useful with my career in hospitality.

Leticia Pinheiro

Country: Brazil

The structure, options and variety of courses are what I like most about studying at Navitas English. It's great that I'm able to study during the morning or evenings.

When I first arrived in Australia I couldn't speak any English however with regular class attendance, I started making friends and really developed my skills.

English will help me in life, travel and open up more opportunities for me in the future.

Mohammed Alansari

Country: Saudi Arabia

Navitas English Perth is in such a great location. It's safe, great public transport and nice weather!

The teachers have been really patient, and there are a lot of activities for students to do every month with Boomerang social program.

I'm now confident to speak with other people, order in a restaurant or even browse websites online in English. I am sure my English skills will help me in my future University degree.

Tomaso Villani

Studying General English course, and I think will be useful for my career in Italy to improve English.

So I’m a freelance journalist, and obviously I write in Italian language, but also I can speak Spanish, but I want to improve my English skills. I think English language is really important to speak to other countries, other people and to find information on something happen around the world.

Last weekend I went to Canberra for two days, and then I went at the beginning of the experience for a long weekend at Melbourne. So I can study, I can work a bit and I can – enjoying my spare time also visiting places in New South Wales.

Juan Sebastian Payan Diaz

Country: Colombia

I came here because I wanted to improve my language, my English. I was working at that time in a factory in my country that exports chilly, spice chilly to the United States. So I found myself in this position where I needed the language to improve my position in the company. I think that it’s has been totally worth it and I’m really happy here.

My advice to all my friends living in Colombia it’s to come here. It is a great experience. They won’t regret it, never. It is amazing. It’s not just the people, it’s not just the place, it’s the environment, it’s everything. It is a great country.

Camila Sanabria

Country: Colombia

I live with a home stay mother and two home stay siblings, brother and a sister. They are around my age, one is 19 and the other one is 21. So it’s actually good to hang out with them, they teach you like slang words and you meet their friends as well. So it’s really fun,

Everything you are learning in the class, it’s like focusing to use it in real life. So they teach, they tell you like okay, “You can use this” and they will encourage you to talk to people outside the school, and to listen to what they say and how they talk. So you learn not only in school, but you also learn from the outside and the school helps you with that.

Rafael de Costa Pinto Novellino

Country: Brazil

I’m living with two Australian guys, two of my best friends in Australia. Their apartment is just amazing, it’s close to the beach, close to the bus stops, it’s such a nice place actually.

I think it just so safe here, I can walk on the street any hour of the day. It’s just so safe, this place is amazing, so beautiful the beaches and all this environmental, relaxing environment. 

The teachers are amazing. I’m doing the Cambridge course and I’ve been learning a lot. So yeah, I strongly recommend coming to Navitas!