Code of Conduct

Navitas English is committed to providing a supportive leaning environment which is:

  • safe
  • respectful
  • relaxed & comfortable

for our students, visitors and staff.

Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times. There are certain things which are never acceptable at Navitas English:

Aggressive or dangerous behaviour

  • physically hurting someone
  • damaging or stealing resources or property
  • profane, offensive, intimidating or threatening language or behaviour
  • bullying, stalking or harassment
  • possessing a knife or other weapon
  • inappropriate behaviour or interaction with younger students

Drugs and alcohol

  • smoking inside
  • arriving drunk or stoned for class
  • possessing illegal drugs


  • racism or sexism
  • homophobia
  • disrespect for religious or political beliefs and practices
  • general discourtesy
  • displaying or forwarding pornography


  • disrupting teaching & learning in class
  • not following the reasonable directions of staff
  • not following other Navitas English Policies and Procedures
  • unfairly damaging the reputation of Navitas English
  • Not following the approved care arrangements (only for students under 18 years of age)

Information Technology (IT)

IT systems, services and equipment must not be used for the following:

  • Using the internet to access inappropriate material. Inappropriate material includes: information or media that could be illegal, harassing, offensive, sexually explicit, racist, sexually discriminatory
  • Using college IT systems for gambling or internet gaming
  • Any political activity
  • Downloading malicious software or applications
  • Browsing, sharing, downloading from or otherwise accessing illegal websites
  • The use of on-line security scanning or hacking/cracking tools
  • Use of IT systems for personal financial gain, solicitation or private business purposes
  • Downloading or storage of data subject to intellectual property or copyright

Online Learning

Students studying online must do the following:

  • Have both their camera and microphone turned on (not on mute) so the teacher can see and hear you or unless instructed otherwise by your teacher
  • Be in an appropriate space during the lessons such as at home or in an office where there are no distractions such as loud noise or disturbance from other people
  • Participate and behave politely and appropriately with the students and teachers
  • Not cheat when doing assessments and keep the camera on so the teacher can see you at all times for the duration of that assessment

The regular attendance and lateness policy applies to online learning. If students do not participate, they will be marked absent. Navitas English’s policy on Cooperation (page 1) applies to students studying online. If students are experiencing internet connection issues, please contact the teacher or the Centre Manager and Director of Studies. For Academic English assessments, your teacher will provide the rules. If you are suspected of cheating, you will be counselled and may be penalised. Please ask before the assessment if you are not sure about the rules


Students who do not follow the code will be asked to meet with the Centre Manager and Director of Studies or Student Services Manager to discuss whether Navitas English is the right place for you to be. Any behaviour described in the Code of Conduct may cause your course to be suspended or terminated, and/or you being asked to leave. If this happens, tuition and other fees may not be refunded, and certificates may not be issued. You may not be able to study with Navitas in the future. Criminal behaviour may be referred to the police

Reporting a Code of Conduct breach

Both students and staff can report a code of conduct breach by asking to see the Centre Manager and Director of Studies or the Student Services Manager. They will listen to you and take action if necessary and can also treat your report as confidential

More information

This Code of Conduct is part of the Navitas English Conditions of Enrolment.

If you would like to talk about the Navitas English Code of Conduct, please see your Centre Manager and Director of Studies