English Levels

Creating a study plan

English Levels

At Navitas English, we can help you create the right course combination for your learning goals and your English language level.

We have courses for every language learning goal – students who want to get better at conversation, and students who want a packaged pathway to higher education in Australia.

It’s important that you apply for a course that suits your language level.

If you want to apply for an Academic English, Cambridge or IELTS course, you need to meet minimum English level requirements. You will need to take a pre-test to make sure you have the right English level for your course.

We can arrange a Navitas English Versant test with your education agent in your home country – or if you are already in Australia, you can take the test at a Navitas English school. Alternatively, you can provide your recent IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic or Cambridge results to prove your English level. Official test scores are valid for entry to Navitas English courses provided the score meets the entry requirement and the date of the test score and the course commencement date is no more than 2 years. Note that students’ exact English language levels may vary due to the date of the official test score and how much English language learning has been experienced  since the test. This may mean additional study and language support for some students during their course.

We offer General English courses for all levels of English learners. Classes range from elementary (CEFR A1) through to advanced (CEFR C1 or IELTS 7.0). Download the CEFR and IELTS map.

On your first day of class you will sit a day one placement test to make sure you are in the right class for your English proficiency level.

Course Entry Requirements

          Course                                Minimum English level                               Prepares you for
General English

No minimum entry requirements.

If your English level is beginner, or below CEFR A2, please contact us for study advice.

Academic English and Exam Preparation


Using English for travel and work

Academic English 1

IELTS academic 4.5 overall, writing 4.5, other bands 4.0,or equivalent                                  

TOEFL iBT 32 (writing 12)

PTE Academic 30 (writing minimum 30, other skills 24)

Navitas English Versant test 37 (writing 37, other skills 32)

or upon passing Navitas' Academic English Entry Test

Academic English 2
Academic English 2

IELTS academic 5.0 overall, writing 5.0, other bands 4.5

TOEFL iBT 35 (writing 14)

PTE Academic 36 (writing minimum 36, other skills 30)

Navitas English Versant test 41 (writing 41, other skills 37)

HKDSE English Grade 2

or successful completion of Academic English Level 1

Academic English 3



Certificate IV

Academic English 3

IELTS academic 5.5 overall, writing 5.5, other bands 5.0

TOEFL iBT 46 (writing 18)

PTE Academic 42 (writing minimum 42, other skills 36)

Navitas English Versant test 46 (writing 46, other skills 41)

HKDSE English Grade 3

or successful completion of Academic English Level 2

Academic English 4

Bachelor's degree     

Associate degree       

Advanced Diploma     

Academic English 4

IELTS academic 6.0 overall, writing 6.0, other bands 5.5

TOEFL iBT 60 (writing 21)

PTE Academic 50 (writing minimum 50, other skills 42)

Navitas English Versant test 51 (writing 51, other skills 46)

HKDSE English Grade 4

or successful completion of Academic English Level 3

Master’s degree

Master’s degree with higher entry requirements 

Some post-graduate Research courses and health science

IELTS Preparation

Navitas IELTS Entry Test: Pass

IELTS 5.0 overall; writing 5.0; no other skill less than 4.5, or equivalent

Cambridge Preparation - B1 Preliminary  

Navitas Cambridge Entry Test: Pass

CEFR B1 or IELTS 4.0

Cambridge PET Exam
Cambridge Preparation - B2 First

Navitas Cambridge Entry Test: Pass

CEFR B1+ or IELTS 5.0

Cambridge FCE Exam
Cambridge Preparation - C1 Advanced

Navitas Cambridge Entry Test: Pass

CEFR B2+ or IELTS 6.0

Cambridge CAE Exam
Cambridge Preparation - C2 Proficiency

Navitas Cambridge Entry Test: Pass

CEFR C1+ or IELTS 7.0

Cambridge CPE Exam


General English: 0101937
IELTS Preparation: 093053F     
Cambridge Preparation - B1 Preliminary - 030816M
Cambridge Preparation - B2 First - 030815A
Cambridge Preparation - C1 Advanced - 030817K
Cambridge Preparation - C2 Proficiency - 030818J
Academic English 1: 111367A
Academic English 2: 111368M
Academic English 3: 109382J
Academic English 4: 109383H