IELTS Preparation

Key Information

Course Duration

Course duration
1 to 25 weeks

Mode of study:

20 hours a week face-to-face on campus plus 5 hours’ test practice (Daytime courses only)

20 hours a week face-to-face on campus (Evening)

Maximum class size is 18.


  • Perth Day: 8:10am to 2.00pm 
  • Sydney Day: 11:30am to 5.05pm 
  • Perth and Sydney Evening: 5.10pm to 9.30pm

Day courses includes 60mins of myStudy Assignment Work

Campus Location


Sydney Hyde Park

CRICOS : 093053F  


Minimum age requirement is 16 years of age

Entry to IELTS Preparation is conditional upon demonstrating course entry requirements, either with an international test score (such as IELTS or PTE-A) or a Navitas entry test

Course Overview

If you want to study in Australia or get an Australian visa, you might need to sit an IELTS test. The Navitas IELTS Preparation course will give you the skills you need to succeed.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is the main language. It is recognised by higher education providers, governments and employers all over the world.

IELTS tests the four skills of language learning. You will develop skills in:

  • listening: note-taking, listening for specific information
  • speaking: expressing ideas and opinions, seeking clarification, pronunciation
  • reading: speed reading strategies, understanding graphs and charts, analysing IELTS specimen papers
  • writing: interpreting questions, organising content, grammatical accuracy.

Succeeding in the IELTS test is also about understanding the test structure. We will help you with that too. Throughout your course you will do regular test practice and role plays. You will learn special test strategies to do with the format of the test and time management.

When you get your IELTS results, you will be given an overall band score from 1.0 (non-user) to 9.0 (expert user). For most higher education programs, you will need a score between 6.0 and 7.5 to be eligible to apply.

Your learning outcomes

Your learning in our IELTS test preparation course is linked to the official IELTS skills. You will develop language skills and test strategies to help you achieve better results in your test and improve your English faster. For more detail on ILETS Preparation learners outcomes, see here


You will read quickly and understand graphs, tables and charts


You will learn to organise the content of a range of texts and develop your writing with grammatical accuracy


You will be able to take notes and listen for specific information


You will develop your ability to express your ideas and ask for clarification, and improve your pronunciation

Lesson plan

Morning lessons 

Get to know you name game
Introduction to IELTS
Course outline, personal goals

Afternoon lessons 

Discussion re: expectations, vocabulary books
Vocabulary – quiz/word formation
Writing test – marriages: arranged or for love?

Morning lessons 

Error correction from writing test
Speaking – elicit expressions, discuss family photos

Reading test practice

Afternoon lessons

Grammar – passives
News articles – elicit examples
Spelling in pairs

Morning lessons

Speaking revision
Check homework
Speaking in pairs

Listening test practice

Afternoon lessons 

Task – how does digestion work? In pairs, draw and discuss
Start writing process

Morning lessons 

In pairs: spelling handout
Check and edit writing in pairs

Writing test practice

Afternoon lessons 

Grammar comparisons
Writing – match sentences in order using sequence words

Morning lessons 
Vocab quiz
Word form race
Writing feedback
Revise writing and grammar from homework – passives, sequencing

Free study

Afternoon lessons 

Tongue twister
Writing skills – in pairs analyse diagram
Discuss presentations next week